Guan Yin Tea House

Guan Yin Tea House is a community space for connection, expression, and cooperation centered around Chinese tea culture and the art of Gong Fu Cha


our roots

Guan Yin Tea House is the brainchild of Texas tea ambassadors So-Han Fan, Christopher Caballero and Tamara Spach.  

Tea is what brought us together, and after hosting more than a thousand tea services, we discovered that the magic of tea is that it brings EVERYONE together.  What we had previously suspected was our personal nerdy obsession quickly became a movement. We had never anticipated that a seemingly-obscure Chinese cultural practice would become a major social outlet for thousands of Texans.  We had tea dance parties that went all night long, tea sits where we discussed spiritual texts and social issues, jam sessions, poetry readings, workshops and classes. 

 We realized tea provides a perfect focal point for conversation: for the server and for the people drinking tea, many of whom were previously strangers.  People drop their guard and begin to feel comfortable with each other; and they start sharing stories, thoughts, and unique perspectives.  A community centered around tea quickly snowballed into being.  People took gong fu cha classes, bought tea sets, and served tea at their own gatherings to their friends.  

Tea is more than just a beverage, it's a safe space and a healthy, beautiful practice.  It's connection, an invitation to be present and express, a vehicle for discussion and a catalyst for community.  

Guan Yin Tea House is the space for the community.



Hours:    Monday - Friday:  12pm - 11pm

                Saturday-Sunday: 10am - 11pm


Contact Us

4706 N IH-35 Austin Texas 78751

(512) 686-8323