Guan Yin Tea House

Guan Yin Tea House is a community space for connection, expression, and cooperation centered around Chinese tea culture and the art of Gong Fu Cha

Vervain helsdottir


"For me, tea is an invitation to pay attention. In service of the tea, and as a guest at someone else's tea table, I am invited (and I invite you) to pay attention to the process of pouring the tea, to the tea itself, to the environment in which the tea is being poured, and to the people with whom the tea is being shared. Where there is attention and intention, there is magic; and time and again I have seen the magic of tea bring people together into some of the most beautiful friendships, connections, and conversations I've ever seen. Tea is the invitation to participate in this connection--come as you are.."


Hours:    Monday - Friday:  12pm - 11pm

                Saturday-Sunday: 10am - 11pm


Contact Us

4706 N IH-35 Austin Texas 78751

(512) 686-8323